Can’t I just hang my Christmas lights myself?

Installing Christmas lights can be a hassle and it’s also quite dangerous to climb ladders that high. Our pro installers are experienced.

Can we buy the lights from you, or will you put up lights that we already own?

We only install commercial grade lights which we can supply. If you currently own commercial grade lights, please contact us for more details by calling 604-371-2018 or sending us an email at

Do you take down the lights after Christmas?

Yes, we provide light removal services and will store them in boxes for easy access for the next holiday season.

What if I don’t know exactly how I want my lights installed?

You can meet with us for a design consultation and we will help you!

Do we need to hire an electrician?

In most cases, no.

Do I need to be home for the installation?

Most of the time you do not need to be home for the installation.

When should I book an appointment?

We recommend you to book an appointment as early as possible. The holiday season is our busiest season so the earlier you book your appointment, the higher the chances you will GET A SPOT.

How much will the service cost?

Every installation project will require different tools and equipment. The price of the service will vary depending on a few things: the type of lights, how many lights are being installed, the estimated time it takes to complete the service, and the type of electrical options available.

Can I get an estimate cost over the phone?

Certainly. E-mail us a few pictures of the space you want us to light up and we will give you an estimate.