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Lumineer Lighting Installations is an elite full service Christmas light installation company located in Vancouver. Our mission is to provide unmatched customer service, exceed expectations and to build lasting relationships with our clients. You can depend on us to make your holiday’s bright & hassle free. With our huge inventory of LED lights, we will be sure to create the Christmas Lights display of your dreams.

At Lumineer Lighting Installations, we pride ourselves on excellence and make sure each and every Christmas light installation job is a display you will love.

We are fully bonded and insured, so you can rest assured that your property is in good hands. We provide a full 3-year warranty and our Lumineer experts will inspect all connections and lights, and perform warranty work as required.

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Easy and hassel free Christmas light installations

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Helping You Make Christmas Magical

Residential Lights Installation

Residential Christmas light installation is a service that involves the design, planning, and installation of Christmas lights and decorations on homes and residential properties. This service helps homeowners transform their residences into dazzling displays of holiday spirit, creating a warm and festive atmosphere.

From small to large, we can make any size home look fantastic and festive this holiday season.


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Commercial Lights Installation

Commercial Christmas light installation is a specialized service aimed at businesses, municipalities, and public spaces, focusing on creating enchanting holiday displays that captivate the public and enhance the festive atmosphere. This service encompasses the design, installation, maintenance, and removal of Christmas lights and decorations in commercial and public areas such as shopping malls, parks, office buildings, and main streets.

Let us help you illuminate your business this holiday season and attract new customers.

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Our LED Lights

LED Christmas lights are popular holiday lights due to their energy saving features and long bulb life. Not all LED lights are the same though.

Our LED Christmas lights are brighter than the lights that you can purchase at your local hardware store. They are high quality commercial grade LED Christmas lights.

If one of our Christmas lights burn out, the light bulb can be changed easily, unlike the ones that you buy in stores today where you have to throw the whole strand out.

Our LED lights are eco-friendly, energy efficient and come with a warranty.

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Ready to create your festive winter wonderland?

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